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Hi All,

I've released a new update of your favourite productivity game, The Game Of Your Life. The new version adds the concepts of buckets and motives. Buckets allow you to categorise and prioritise your challenges and motives help you organise your quests and understand yourself.

The standard set of buckets for your challenges are:

  • Frogs - Eat your frogs first and nothing bad will happen to you for the rest of the day. This bucket is for challenges that taste bad. Do them first, even before you check your Facebook.
  • Grease - The Grease Bucket is for challenges that prevent your life from falling apart. E.g. exercise, cleaning, and paying the bills.
  • Service - No man is an island. We all have obligations to our fellow humans and this bucket is where you put them.
  • Training - This bucket is for challenges that you have to do over and over again to reach your goal. E.g. practising foreign languages, improving your fitness or practising a musical instrument.
  • Broken - If you're building new bridges when the old ones are falling apart you are heading for a personal apocalypse. Use this bucket for your fix-it challenges.
  • Upgrades - Improvements on the life you've built can go a long way and often come quite cheap. Put them in here.
  • Expansion - Additions to your life go here. You don't want to start these until your previous buckets are empty.
  • Indulgence - Congratulations, you made it to the end of the day. Treat yourself.

Quest Motives allow you to color code and categorise your quests and will also be used for statistics and social networking in future versions.

The motives come from the 16 Fundamental Human Desires as discovered by psychologist Steven Reiss. They are:

  • Acceptance - The desire to be included.
  • Curiosity - The desire to explore or learn.
  • Eating - The desire for food.
  • Family - The desire to raise one's own children. Does not include raising other people's children.
  • Honor - The desire to be loyal to one's parents, ethnic group or nation.
  • Idealism - The desire to improve society.
  • Independence - The desire for self-reliance.
  • Order - The desire for a predictable environment, including the desire for cleanliness and ritual.
  • Physical Activity - The desire to move one's muscles.
  • Power - The desire for influence, including mastery and leadership.
  • Romance - The desire for sex and beauty.
  • Saving - The desire to collect.
  • Social Contact - The desire for interaction with other people, including the desire for fun.
  • Status - The desire for social standing, including the desire for attention.
  • Tranquility - The desire to be free from anxiety, fear or pain.
  • Vengeance - The desire to get even with others, including the joy of competition.

Because of these changes, the new version is not compatible with the old version. You can install the new version and run both or just use the old version which will never be updated. If enough people hassle me I'll add an import feature to get your data from the old app into the new one.

Install the new version of The Game Of Your Life.

Peace out,

Yogi G.


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Very nice!!  (Dan Ariely, World Expert in Behavioral Economics, Duke University)

I finally got my eligibility certificate. Thanks to your app I was motivated to get it after more than a year. (April, Accounting Student)

I checked out your app that is so cool! I am amazed I think I will be using it now that's awesome! (Robert, Gamification Student, University of Pennsylvania)



The Game Of Your Life exploits well-established techniques of Gamification and Reward Substitution to trick you into doing things that are good for you. By turning your life into a game of quests, challenges and points you will:

 ✓ Figure out what you want in life
 ✓ Achieve your goals with less effort
 ✓ Become motivated to finish the things you start
 ✓ Focus on the benefits of your actions rather than the costs
 ✓ Affirm your real values by setting your own quests 
 ✓ Care less about what other people think about you
 ✓ Procrastinate less
 ✓ Become more awesome



Let's say you wanted to lose 10 kilograms. Just create a new quest called "Lose 10 Kilos" and set some regular challenges for yourself such as:

 +5 half hour gym session (weekly)
 +3 half hour yoga session (daily)
 +1 eating vegetables (any time)

You can also set some specific challenges that will help you along the way to complete your quest. Maybe something like:

 +15 throw out all the unhealthy food in my fridge
 +25 renew gym membership
 +25 learn to cook Tom Yum soup

That's really all there is to it. The app optimises your quests and challenges behind the scenes so you're always investing your time maximally. You never have to think about what to do next.

As you complete your challenges you score points using the app. It turns out that virtual rewards are just as good as real ones, and you'll be amazed at how this motivates you to complete quests that for so long seemed so daunting.


Your first quest is to "Learn The Game Of Your Life". You get +25 points just for installing the app, so now that you have an excuse, install The Game Of Your Life and claim your points!

Install The Game Of Your Life

We currently support Android and have Desktop and iPhone versions planned.

Good luck on your quests!


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